Monday, May 3, 2010

Just For Today....

As I was preparing to gather things to take on the Pink Pineapple Scrapbook Retreat this weekend, I came upon a circle journal I had not yet completed. The title is "Just For Today." The journal belongs to the beautifully sweet Miss Gloria. Inside the journal she explains her "theme" & what she would like for us to think about as we create our two-page layout for her book. She writes, "I understand what it means to live each day to the fullest. To stop in the moment & take it all in. Show me these moments in your life where just for that day you were the best you!" As long as I have known Gloria (and it's only been a few years) she truly works very hard to make each day "count." I think it's what draws people to her. I know for me it's certainly something I admire about her. In her journal, she uses the well-known quote, "it's now how good you are, its how good you want to be." So true. I find myself quite often being such a people pleaser (and usually to people that don't deserve to be pleased) that I lose sight of "me." I withdraw from loved ones, my home, my work, church, my friends, my responsibilities. I try so hard to please people that will never be pleased or happy with "me." It keeps me from spending time on people that truly matter; people that love me for "me." Why? I guess because I always thought the people that mattered the most to me would be there for me, love me unconditionally, as I do them. Not true. If you don't water the flower, it dies. (Referring back to my "gardening post") Completing Gloria's journal this weekend really had me thinking a lot about "me." What makes me happy. Who I want to be. Where I want to be. How I can be better as a person & friend. I was so lucky to have a private room during the crop. It gave me some time to really think about the important things in my life. I realized the most that a day should never go by wasted. Each day truly is a gift. As of today, May 3rd, I am going to try my very hard to be "the best me." I know somedays will be harder than others, but I will always try and ALWAYS make the effort.
Here are a few snippets from the journal pages I created for Gloria's album.

Some of the little stickers and rubons that can't easily be read read say: "Life is full of surprises, open them slowly." "Life continues to happen. Move with it not against it." "Celebrate; Make every day a holiday, and celebrate just living!" "Dare to be remarkable." "Just being alive is a special occasion." "life itself is the proper binge."


Giggle for the day: The family and I were looking through photos that were just taken on our vacation. We came upon a little photo of our dearest 4 year olds tanned naked "bum." She says, "Throw that away!" She then cried of course because Coleby laughed at it. Little does she's going in her scrapbook. :)


  1. poor Aspen....but it was dang cute!

  2. True, if you don't water a flower it dies but if it is strong the root stays there just waiting for a little attention, then when it comes, it blooms again :o)