Wednesday, April 29, 2009


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Up To My Elbows In Scrapbooking.....

Ahhh. I'd like to say that Scrapbooking brings me great joy, and ooohhh yes it does.
However, my little friend "A.D.D." does not allow me to Scrapbook when things are a mess....which unfortunately for MY Scraproom.....happens to be ALWAYS!
So.... I sorta, kinda, maybe.... tried to, well um....CLEAN my scrap room. I'll give you a little, tiny, intsy bintsy looksie loo into my scrap room......but just a PEEK!

In the upper right is one of the cool Making Memories organizers that I swiped from Ally! The organizer right below it is also from the famous Pink Pineapple Scrapbooks garage sale! 25 bucks, what a deal!!

The two pink totes house a BUNCH of Michelle Hill, Candice McLean, and Ally Serrato kits.....gotta have me some kits man!! I love to just grab one of these puppies when I run off to a crop, or when I go on vacation....that way I don't have to lug around a bunch-0-stuff.
My paper is completely unorganized, its just all piled everywhere in the paper rack, and in the paper holders with no rhyme or reason. I used to have them by color, then by Vendor....and then...I gave up. Any suggestions? The binders are the Tim Holtz acrylic stamps holders and believe me when I say they are PACKED! I also have a Tim Holtz case full of acrylics too! Oh wait, not to mention the Technique Tuesday case FILLED as well.....ahhhh....for the love of stamps!!

i LOVE my Clip-It-Up but I need MORE clips....and be honest, I could probably use a few more Clip-It-UPS as well.

In the basket are a couple of my minis that I have done. LOVE IT ALL!! Now I just need a work space. Michelle Hill laughed at me the other day when she came in and saw my pitiful little white craft table. I know I know!!! I can't wait to move this dang daybed upstairs to Aspen's room so I can have my craft room ALL TO MYSELF!! Yeah!!!

Giggle of the Day: A good read on Stephanie Ackerman's blog She shows a woman juggling many things in life while balancing on a skate board, but then talks about how we can be so imbalanced as a mom (or dad). We have chaos surrounding us in this world, yet we obsess over having a "bad hair day." So Elena and I read this post while driving to LA to buy goodies for National Scrapbooking Day, and I look in the see a glob of grey hair smiling right back at me. ahhh....Bad Hair Days.....just like the book "The Screw tape Letters" anything to keep our focus off what is important in this know....the BIG MAN UPSTAIRS!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

My Little Beach Boy

I LOVE San Diego weather, especially Carlsbad weather!! I know, I IS a little TOO hot, but man, it feels just like summer. Courtney got home today about 3:30 and took the kids to the beach. I wanted to go sooooo bad but I have deadlines to meet. I am currently putting together two albums for a customer whose daughter is graduating High School this year. She will be presenting her with two albums. One for her early childhood; birth through junior high, and another one of her High School years. There are A LOT of photos. Needless to say, it's very hard to work when your crop space is a disaster area. So, instead of frolicking at the beach with the fam, I did my darnedest to clean up my messy Scrapbook room. I think I am 3/4 of the way there. Whew.

Here is a layout I recently did with the new Lime Rickey Basic Grey paper (no it's not in stores yet....I got it at the show...sorry lovely ladies). I LOVE felt, I LOVE the beach, I LOVE pictures of my kids, and I LOVE bright papers.....voila: Scrapbook inspiration!
  • Daily Giggle: The family was sitting on the couch: Coleby, Daddy, Aspen. Daddy is tickling them and saying," Whose the monkey in the middle, then he tickled Aspen and said YOUR the monkey in the middle". She looked up at him and said, "I'm NOT the monkey in the middle, YOU ARE, I'm sitting by your side." (she's 3). I fell over laughing!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Super Fly...

The challenge this month on the Glorious Pink Challenge Blog {link on sidebar...} is to create a layout about which super power you would have, using a picture of yourself from this year, and a tad of American Crafts paper. I chose to have *Super Fly* powers, no not in insect...FLY, like as in fly*ing. Ahhh the freedom to go to any destination you choose. To be at your child's side at the drop of a dime. To have the ability to swoop in to help a fellow friend in need. I would LOVE to have the Super power of fact, I wouldn't even mind growin' some wings. Here is my layout for the challenge:
I almost didn't post today because I didn't have a *giggle moment* to share. I had a really rough day. One where nothing seemed to go right. They sky was falling chicken little, and THEN I came across Donna Salazar's blog post from a while back and it read:
I don't care if you lick windows, take the special bus or occasionally pee on yourself..
You hang in there sunshine, you're friggin' special
And I just busted out laughing. Thanks Donna!! I can sleep well tonight!! Seeeee it pays to go blog stalking at 11pm at night!! xoxo

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Little Giggle Please....

I knew that I had to create a new fresh blog, one without controversy. How did I know it was time you ask? Well, when the buzzing got so loud in my ears that it kept me up at night. So here I am, new blog and all....a little quiet place where I will share the projects I'm working on, tell you about my giggling adventures, and maybe even spill the beans on stuff up and coming in the Scrapbooking world. You can bet your bottom dollar that this will be a VERY censored blog, no gruff stuff here....just clean and simple things, I promise to keep my venting on Five Peas. So RELAX, you can follow this one ladies...I promise to make your mama's proud! So for my very first blog I am going to show you a little snippet of my MESS of a scraproom. Next time I post, I hope it's in order!! BTW, it looks like this all because of ALLY SERRATO! hahah....just kidding. I just HAD to buy these two awesome white wall organizers at our last garage sale at Pink Pineapple Scrapbooks. Ally already had her hot little hands on one and I stole it right out from under her. (sorry Ally, glad you still love me long time!!). I am also posting a picture of the layout I have up in our crop room that shows a cute little pic of all my may learn a little about them...but then again, that may just remain on Five Peas unless they are in my daily giggle story. Which brings me to the other daily topic for my new; each blog post will contain one little thing I giggled about each day. So sorry Teri....but today's giggles came from your tales of the over-flowing toilet. As for the name of my blog, "Giggling Recommended," I have Gloria King to thank for that. On her Glorious Pink Challenge Blog under a picture of her and me she wrote...."We highly recommend giggling..." ahhh the pure beauty of those words. Giggling Recommended. Did you giggle today? If not, check out the pic's below...that should give you a good chuckle. Anyone wanna come over and organize?