Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Up To My Elbows In Scrapbooking.....

Ahhh. I'd like to say that Scrapbooking brings me great joy, and ooohhh yes it does.
However, my little friend "A.D.D." does not allow me to Scrapbook when things are a mess....which unfortunately for MY Scraproom.....happens to be ALWAYS!
So.... I sorta, kinda, maybe.... tried to, well um....CLEAN my scrap room. I'll give you a little, tiny, intsy bintsy looksie loo into my scrap room......but just a PEEK!

In the upper right is one of the cool Making Memories organizers that I swiped from Ally! The organizer right below it is also from the famous Pink Pineapple Scrapbooks garage sale! 25 bucks, what a deal!!

The two pink totes house a BUNCH of Michelle Hill, Candice McLean, and Ally Serrato kits.....gotta have me some kits man!! I love to just grab one of these puppies when I run off to a crop, or when I go on vacation....that way I don't have to lug around a bunch-0-stuff.
My paper is completely unorganized, its just all piled everywhere in the paper rack, and in the paper holders with no rhyme or reason. I used to have them by color, then by Vendor....and then...I gave up. Any suggestions? The binders are the Tim Holtz acrylic stamps holders and believe me when I say they are PACKED! I also have a Tim Holtz case full of acrylics too! Oh wait, not to mention the Technique Tuesday case FILLED as well.....ahhhh....for the love of stamps!!

i LOVE my Clip-It-Up but I need MORE clips....and well...to be honest, I could probably use a few more Clip-It-UPS as well.

In the basket are a couple of my minis that I have done. LOVE IT ALL!! Now I just need a work space. Michelle Hill laughed at me the other day when she came in and saw my pitiful little white craft table. I know I know!!! I can't wait to move this dang daybed upstairs to Aspen's room so I can have my craft room ALL TO MYSELF!! Yeah!!!

Giggle of the Day: A good read on Stephanie Ackerman's blog http://www.homegrownhospitality.typepad.com. She shows a woman juggling many things in life while balancing on a skate board, but then talks about how we can be so imbalanced as a mom (or dad). We have chaos surrounding us in this world, yet we obsess over having a "bad hair day." So Elena and I read this post while driving to LA to buy goodies for National Scrapbooking Day, and I look in the mirror.....to see a glob of grey hair smiling right back at me. ahhh....Bad Hair Days.....just like the book "The Screw tape Letters" anything to keep our focus off what is important in this life.....you know....the BIG MAN UPSTAIRS!!!


  1. lovely scrap space... it is coming out well! LOVE it!

    FAB weekends @ Pink, I had a fantastical time!

  2. thanks Jess. Had fun with you gals too! xoxo

  3. And to say ,,, I've never seen your scrap space yet ,,, but looks great from the little, tiny, intsy bintsy looksie loo you showed!!

  4. super funny! I have to tell you I was surprised by your scrapbook room! I didnt know you scrapbooked! ;)

    so glad I finally made it to your blog. I linked this clean one to mine :)