Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Little Giggle Please....

I knew that I had to create a new fresh blog, one without controversy. How did I know it was time you ask? Well, when the buzzing got so loud in my ears that it kept me up at night. So here I am, new blog and all....a little quiet place where I will share the projects I'm working on, tell you about my giggling adventures, and maybe even spill the beans on stuff up and coming in the Scrapbooking world. You can bet your bottom dollar that this will be a VERY censored blog, no gruff stuff here....just clean and simple things, I promise to keep my venting on Five Peas. So RELAX, you can follow this one ladies...I promise to make your mama's proud! So for my very first blog I am going to show you a little snippet of my MESS of a scraproom. Next time I post, I hope it's in order!! BTW, it looks like this all because of ALLY SERRATO! hahah....just kidding. I just HAD to buy these two awesome white wall organizers at our last garage sale at Pink Pineapple Scrapbooks. Ally already had her hot little hands on one and I stole it right out from under her. (sorry Ally, glad you still love me long time!!). I am also posting a picture of the layout I have up in our crop room that shows a cute little pic of all my may learn a little about them...but then again, that may just remain on Five Peas unless they are in my daily giggle story. Which brings me to the other daily topic for my new; each blog post will contain one little thing I giggled about each day. So sorry Teri....but today's giggles came from your tales of the over-flowing toilet. As for the name of my blog, "Giggling Recommended," I have Gloria King to thank for that. On her Glorious Pink Challenge Blog under a picture of her and me she wrote...."We highly recommend giggling..." ahhh the pure beauty of those words. Giggling Recommended. Did you giggle today? If not, check out the pic's below...that should give you a good chuckle. Anyone wanna come over and organize?


  1. Ha ,, first ,, LOL!!! I'll be following both girlie!!!

  2. hey nice shelfs!!! me love you long time!!!