Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pink Ninja Blog Hop Baby!!

So I wandered on over to the Miss Ultra Talented Carrie Elias Bloggie to find that she is hosting a "blog hop" for the Pink Ninja crew!! This whole idea is sooooo fun and exciting!! I may have to just "lift" her idea for good ole Pink Pineapple....

Here's how you enter for a chance to win:
1. you have to be a follower of the Pink Ninja Addicts (check....actually I already was!)

2. you have to be a follower of these mega creative Pink Ninja Addicts Girls :
Ninja Master Ally (check...ditto to the previous comment!!)
Ninja Master Nely (double ditto...)
Ninja Star Carrie (Me) (triple ditto...)
Ninja Star Gloria (she doesn't have followers, but you'll want to see all the beautiful art she makes) (agree agree agree with Mrs. will want to check out Gloria's blog!!)
3. you have to talk about this giveaway on your blog (hehehhe....that's what I am a doin' right now folks!!) and the Pink Ninja Addicts has to see it ....

4. you have to leave a comment on the Pink Ninja Addicts Blog (check!) It's perfect!!!
Hello....can you say rad!! Look at the Pink Ninja kit you could win!!! Ummm....delish!

In turn.....

You get to see a lot of fun scrapbook projects, and enter for a chance to win a sweet giveaway at the same time :-) Winners will be announced on Friday (April 30th), on the Pink Ninja Addicts blog.....
the prize you win is AWESOME (You get to choose from the kit shown above, or one of Carrie's hand-made owls!!)
....check it out on Carries blog....ummm....her hand made owls are to die for!! (no seriously, I may actually DIE if I had one...or at least faint when my breath is taken away in utter happiness and glee!!)



  1. Opppsie...I forgot all the links....Ally (the girlie with the pink ninja mask!!) is one of my followers, if you click on her picture it will take you to her blog, which will take you to the Pink Ninja Addicts blog....

  2. Weeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Love this miss krystie - so fun to see you blogging again!!! Yip-peeee!!! Hey - dunno if you're up for it, but Monday I'll be at a denim/candle/scrapbook tons of goodies party,,, in yer neck of the woods,, you should cruise by!!!! Tons if great goods!! Email/call/text whatevs if you want more information!!!

  3. Ally, where will you be...text me the deets....I may actually be ableto come by!!