Monday, April 5, 2010

It's Time To Water My Garden

I have planted many seeds in the past six months that have been neglected. They were not watered nor cared for. They were ignored, passed by.....they were simply "planted." I wrongfully assumed that sun & rain would do the rest, you know...make them "grow." Looking back, it certainly has not rained enough for seeds to grow and eventually become flowers. The sun has been peeking through the clouds with an occasional wave, but it certainly has not been bright enough to open the petals of flowers that were once seeds long ago. As you may have already guessed, the seeds are newly formed "friendships." Friendships that require constant sunshine and rain. Newly planted seeds are tiny & gentle, delicate to the touch. The soil that surrounds them is not yet "home" to them, it is foreign. Their roots have not yet strengthened. They will only grow if tended to just right. The whirlwind of activities in my life, some refreshing, some unpleasant have stopped me from even passing by my garden. I ignored my garden although it was always in the forefront of my mind. I had high hopes that the seeds would turn to beautiful flowers without any effort on my part. As I look out onto my garden today, I see a vast land of dirt with a few blooming flowers here and there that were planted from years past. These flowers are much stronger than the tiny seeds. Some have withheld many winters. Their roots have been grounded, their seasonal bloom is reliable even through terrible times of cloudy skies and an occasional drought. Joy fills my body as I am reminded that these flowers remain confident from past experience that the sun and rain will revitalize their beauty and ability to continually bloom. I have been a terrible gardener. I have allowed the day to day "rut" get into the joy I experience in tending to my garden, whether it be coddling seeds or watering flowers. Today, I choose to be a real gardener. A serious gardener. Not only for the flowers that bloom in my garden every year, but for those newly planted seeds. I want to be a gardener that is more thoughtful, and will remember to water often. One that is caring and will cast sunshine unto my garden even during the darkest of days. This is my wish for all my friends whether old or new, flower or seed..... please understand that the neglect you have felt these past few months was unintentional. I love my garden, blooming flowers and tiny seeds equally.

Here is a picture of a "Garden" swap I recently participated in with 17 lovely ladies. I chose to use a packet of seeds as the basis for my creation. I realize some may get tossed, some may get planted but never tended too, but there will be those that are planted, nurtured, cared for tenderly & will one day bloom into beautiful flowers.
The quote I attached to the seeds reads "At the heart of gardening, there is a belief in the miraculous" by Mirabel Osler. In this case for me, "miraculous" is the true belief that the seeds I plant will bloom. I have faith that this will happen because I choose from this day on to be a better gardener.

Here is a little picture of my creation for the "garden" swap. Enjoy. Plant. Water. And Care.

Love always,


  1. That should be published :o) We are all guilty of letting our garden wither a bit, whether it be with friends or family. Honestly this is a beautiful post...I am proud of you.