Wednesday, May 12, 2010

ATC Swap...

I have fallen in love all over again with ATC's! Ally got me on this kick some time ago, and I sorta lost my way. About a month ago, I came across two BEAUTIFUL ATC boxes that Ally had made and given out for her "Halloween" ATC Swap, and her "Alice in Wonderland" swap. I opened the precious boxes and sifted through my treasures. I took in every little detail of each one; flipping them over to remind me of their creator. I decided that I couldn't just bare to put them back in the boxes (although the boxes will REMAIN on display in my scrap room), I pulled open some trading card protective sheets and arranged them in a way I could admire them often. In honor of Ally's famed ATC swaps, a few girlie's and I decided it was time to once again create and exchange ATC's. We strummed up the theme during our National Scrapbooking Retreat, and have decided on "Girl's Night." We had such a great weekend of girl time, we thought the theme was fitting. We are going to max the participants at 12 (just like Ally did). There is room for more of you to just leave a comment and I will email you the deets. We would like to swap them by the end of the us a few weeks to enjoy the process. Swapping can be done in person (like a "Girl's Night" out) or we can exchange in the mail etc. Hope you join in on the fun!! P.S. The Ninja (pink of course) was made by Miss Ally herself! The other ATC was made by "Crystal," not exactly sure who she is but it's one of my favorites!!

Giggle of the Day:
"If you are going to be two-faced, at least make one of them pretty." Marilyn Monroe

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  1. I wish I had been in on the Halloween and Alice in Wonderland swap... Two of my favorite things ever!