Thursday, June 17, 2010

Suzi Blu...You Take My Breath Away!

You are NOT going to believe this. last post....I mentioned starting a new Art Journal.  I was inspired by many people, but mainly by the new class I am taking at the La Petite Academy (Suzi's Online School.)  I am taking a "beginner" Petite Dolls class....whew...beginner??  wowza....

Anyway, so I posted my little chatty about the Art Journal I was starting...and I hopped on over to my classroom on Suzi's blog....and would you know it....there is a FREE ARTE JOURNAL CLASS!!  No kidding!!  I almost hit the ceiling as I jumped for joy and floated on Art high!!

I skip on over to the Art Journal class....and there it all it's glory....Suzi's Art Journal.  A little video on the makings of her journal.  Better yet....she gives us an "inspiration" to journal about.  I was so excited UNTIL I read the first assignment!!! YIKES....I have to journal what I am good at, what I can congratulate myself on, what I like about myself.  WHAT??  what the heck??

Oh right, you are thinking..."how hard is that"  Um....think for TWO SECONDS...what are you good at?  What do you like about yourself??  Let me tell's a TOUGHIE for me.  I think about all the things I DON'T LIKE, that I WANT TO CHANGE.....things I aspire TO BE, DO....etc.  She says you become one with your thoughts.....this takes deep thought to actually grasp what she is saying...but I think I finally get it.  I start my list (yes ....very short) and I plan to log it in my Arte Journal.  So the assignment was so dang hard for me personally that I only accomplished ONE THING so far......covering the front and back of my Journal binder....UGH!! 

Suzi....I LOVE your take my breath away!!

By the way, I used all old scraps....felt good to sift through and use supplies that have been sittin' around forever!!


  1. Well your right! It didn't show up! I can't remember what I said. I'm just excited because I totally relate to your enthusiasm about your art journal. I feel the same way about my journal and about Suzi.