Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Psychedelic ATC Dude!

So all of you know about Ally's new found love of ATC's and her crazy "assignments" she gives us girls who sooooo want to follow along. Well, the latest theme for Ally's ATC madness is "Alice in Wonderland." No, I am not one of those believers that Alice in Wonderland was written about drugs, political satire, Freudian influences, mathematics, sex or pedophilia.....I believe Alice to be a creative children's story that allows even a closed-minded adult to delve into "fantasy land" even if for just a moment. I do however believe in making light of most things in life, make people "giggle" a tad, and put my own twisted sense of humor on things I do and say. Which brings me to the ATC I created for this latest swap. I certainly put a little "psychedelic" spin on the small bit-o-art I created. I chose the Caterpillar as my focal point because ....well....he is smoking a damn Hookah people!! I sat him atop a mushroom that I had stamped and punched holes through. Coming from his smoke stack, I placed little purple "page pebbles." The word "grow" is stamped on a sticker and placed across a blue measuring tape. This signifies "growing big, or getting small" when Alice takes a bite. Thank you Ally for picking such a cool topic!! Until next time peep's!

Giggle for the Day: I ran out of gas while driving home from Bible Study this morning. As we are sitting on the side of the road, my daughter (who is in her car seat in the back replies)...." we have to sit here ALL DAY!"

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  1. OMG I love love love the Alice in Wonderland ATCs... I have to get in on the ATC swaps.