Saturday, May 16, 2009

Coin Envelope Swap - Sneak Peek!

Elena is hosting a "coin envelope swap" through our Pink Pineapple Scrapbook Club. I think there are about 21 people participating in the swap. The challenge is to decorate a coin envelope and fill the inside with little treasures, one for each person. When we come together we will exchange envelopes and leave with 21 unique coin envelopes. So excited! I have NEVER done a swap of this type before. Here is a little sneak at some of the products I will be using to decorate the outside.
Giggle of the day: I am talking to my husband in the car using my bluetooth (which is transmitted through the car stereo). When I hang up my little 3 year old girl asks "Who was that?" I say, "Daddy." She says, "Our Daddy?" It was sooo cute, and made me giggle!!


  1. super super cute! and I can't wait to see your embelli envie!

  2. yes, and elena...teri cut out all of my wings today....i am thinking of spraying them with hair spray! Maybe that would help from the glass glitter just falling off. :(