Wednesday, May 13, 2009

And They Call Him Cookie....

I arrived home last Thursday night from a fun-filled evening with the Pink Pineapple Scrapbook Club, to be greeted by my beautiful children. They are sooo excited (and up at 10pm which is TOTALLY unacceptable on a school night). They are jumping up and down shouting something about a new dog. A new dog! WHAT! No way, no how....not without asking ME first (even though I don't take care of our current dog....that's a man's job!). So, I'm a little huffy, but cracking a wee bit of a smile and looking over at my husband with darting eyes. He says, "no no, we found this dog just loitering around our front yard with no tags....we looked for the owner to no avail so we brought him inside" (now.... those of you that know my husband, know he DOES NOT talk that way....but it makes for an interesting story.) So the kids say, "Yeah, his name is Cookie!" GREAT!! They already NAMED the dog. sigh. The kids say, "he lives right across the street." My husband explains, "no the dog does not live across the street." In fact, he asked a few neighbors, none of which have EVER seen this dog before. sigh. ok. ok. So we will deal with it in the morning. That night, I'm working late and hear some scuffling in the garage. I go out and peek, and there is "Cookie" and my dog "Tinker" just running around free in the garage! humpf. What is going on? There are TWO kennels in the garage, both of which are made for BIG dogs, and these two little Pomeranians can certainly fit in the kennels. hmmm.... So I start to wonder what is really going on. The next morning my husband is off and running before I get up. I go about my day, "dealing" with "Cookie" the untrained, and I mean "UN-house trained" dog. sigh. Turns out "Cookie" is a BOY! My little pom is a girl, not spade because we had still been throwing around the idea of breeding her. Anyhoooo....that night Coleby has a baseball game so we don't really search for "Cookie's" parents. Saturday (day 3) I start to get a little miffed AGAIN. I am starting to think my husband has dooped me, and found someone with a dog to breed with our little Tink. I immediately call him, accusatory of course. He says, "no no no, truly we FOUND him. Tinker's not "due" or "on" or whatever term he used. So, still a little unsure, I go about making posters...FOUND DOG POSTERS! The kids went out and taped them up. Later that day we have yet ANOTHER baseball game to go to. We get home a little late, like around 9pm, and there is this cute little message from a Mexican lady...."i tink you u found my dog" and leaves her number. EXCITEMENT runs through my veins!! I immediately call her back....even though I would NEVER call anyone this late.... normally. No answer. sigh. Spanish message. double sigh, cuz I have NO IDEA what the message said. Well, I left a message anyway. About an hour later, this cute little Mexican voice was speaking quickly on the other end of the phone. "i tink you found my dog." My husband is paranoid, waving his hands....mouthing "DO NOT GIVE THEM INFORMATION....make them tell YOU about the dog." Turns out they live in Oceanside! hellloooo... we live in Carlsbad, ok Oceanside is a stones throw....but heck, they live on the OTHER side of the barricade.....not in our neighborhood. hmmm....suspicious.....maybe they just found the sign and want a dog? So...I start asking her a bunch of questions, "why doesn't the dog have a collar?" "When did you notice him missing?" etc.....because I put a PICTURE of him on the flyer, which my husband said is a "no-no" would I know???? I've never found a dog before!! Then all of a sudden.......the little Mexican lady says........"His name is COOKIE!" WHAT??? "Cookie, you say???" How the HECK did my kids know this dog's name? .....this dog FROM OCEANSIDE! Apparently, their son walks the dog in our much for not talking to strangers!
Side note: No animals were hurt in the making of this post and "Cookie" is safely at home with his family.

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