Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kid's Crafts Galore

With summertime comes a TON of kid activities, crafts, games, places to visit, go, hang, and be a unit! My husband and I are so blessed to have such flexible schedules that allow us to "up and go" with the kids whenever we choose....well...as long as business is running smoothly and in the right hands!!

Along the line of kids activities and crafts comes my commitment to Pink Pineapple and our summer routine with Kids Camps, and Kids Classes. Now let me tell you, I LOVE and I mean I LOVE to teach kid's how to play with paper, pens, paint, glitter, stamps...ANYTHING artsy....but it is sooooo hard to actually put "samples" together for classes. I find it rather difficult designing a layout, or album in some cases, that a 3 year old can easily do with instruction and a dab of help from mom. It's truly tough to display these layouts in the store with my name plastered all over them knowing full well that customers are looking at them and thinking...hmmm....the "owner" made this...hhahah. Oh well...sigh. Grin and bear it I say. So, in all it's glory.....here are the samples for the Mommy & Me 3 year old Album class we are doing together this summer. Pictured here are the cover of the album (class no. 1) and the first 2-page 8 1x2 x 11 layout they will create (class no. 2) of their July 4Th festivities. Mind you.....you must be THREE to appreciate the goodness.

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